Friday, March 27, 2009

10 Things a Guy Doesn't Want to Find in Your Room

By A.J. Llewellyn

Lemondrop ran an interesting item this week about the 10 things a guy doesn't want to find in your room. It's a semi-cool list and I agree with many of them - such as condom wrappers in the trash, dozens of stuffed animals in the room, photos with your ex and, the bible on the nightstand but I can do better than this.
As a gay man who hears it from both sides - both the scary things my mates find and the embarrassing things women confess they do, so in the interest of romance (hey I write romances, remember) I'd like to present my top 1o things A Guy Doesn't Want to Find in Your Room:
10. Forget the condom wrappers...what about the used condoms? Eeeww!
9. More than a few macabre photos of horrific things such as lynchings. My mate Tony saw these in a woman's bedroom. She said it was research, but he took my advice and ran for the frickin' hills.
8. Sharp, lethal objects mounted and lovingly displayed on the walls
7. Empty booze bottles spilling out of the waste basket
6. Unflushed 'floaters' in your toilet
5. Anything to do with 'The Secret' such as those stupid million dollar checks made out to yourself posted on your wall and 'intention boards' with the word 'husband' pasted on it
4. Canned hunting photos of you and some poor, drugged, dazed endangered critter
3. The Encyclopedia of Auto erotic Asphyxiation as bedtime reading next to a roll of duct tape (this actually happened)
2. A gigantic boat-sized dildo that's um...obviously been used. If you know what I mean...
1. My boyfriend Herve. He's mine. MINE!

What about you? What don't YOU want to see in a guy/girl's room?

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Anonymous said...

Dear sirs,

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He starts publishing said novels chapters as they are written on a blog, no editing, no rewrites, just naked writing.

The story lingers for months as the short chapters add up, no one cares... or really knows its there?

25 chapters into it someone stumbles on it and blogs about the story, then another, then vlogs, then more blogs.

The story goes from obscurity to 20, 50, 800 chapter reads a day, then 2000, then 5000, then 10,000 A DAY!

Now with 85 chapters written its nearing 1.5 million chapters read.

The story is controversial to say the least, but the author (i've emailed him) claims its truth based. The writing pulls no punches, beautiful and ugly, heartbreaking and funny.

The subject is repulsive... but believe me when i say this... i have never in my life been more effected by writing... its absolutely stunning.

This is a great author in his infancy...the potential here is fantastic... please read a few chapters...

"A Rentboy named" at

Anonymous said...

When I was very young, naive and just coming out as gay I slept with a guy who managed to convince me not to use a condom.

In the morning, as I was getting dressed, I spotted what looked like a medicine bottle on one of his shelves. I read the label as AZT.

I freaked.

Turned out they were "A to Z" vitamins.